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Hello all, great site here, many thanks to the admins and hosts....

...on to my question:
So, I'm able to use a FF utility (DownLoad Them All) to grab stuff from every pic hosting site except:

- imagetrex
- imagespice

....does anyone have any suggestions for a ripping utility for them? (or a tweak that will make DLTA work?)

oh, I've also tried other add-ons, however, FoxySpider is the only other utility that works (but not on the hosts listed).

Again, many thanks!


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(I will add my thanks though to the page admin for systematically reposting all posts with the rar files. A little VPN action makes the DLs never stop!)

Thanks to all the great posters on this site! y'all are machines!


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Indeed. Imgchilli & imgcandy are super easy:
FireFox has an addon called 'DownLoadThemAll!', first install that, then install the additional add-on helper, 'DownLoadThemAll! AntiContainer'. When you're in the dialogue box, make sure you're on the 'Links' tab (selected tab shows greyed for some reason) NOT the 'Pictures' tab, and that 'anticontainer' is checked.

For imagespice, try the add-on FoxySpider.

I still can't find a non-manual DL method for ImgTrex, ImgYT, imgclick, and any of those other hosts.

That works perfectly, thank you. I had downloadthemall but it wasn't working. Your advice re anticontainer fixed the problem. Much appreciated.

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