A lot of posters are moving to Iceimage/PixSense but I can almost never get to the images. Just a series of redirects, popups and strange redirects to sites I've never heard of. I've tried disabling adblockers (which worries me as a lot of viruses can come from ad sites these days) but nothing works. Can anyone explain what's going on?
yeah, that's a terrible drag...i can access individual pics from iceimg but my bulk d/l (s) won't work...a user reposted a set for me the other day, and very quickly but i'd hate to keep asking them to do that :confused:
Hi All, I'm having an issue with imagehost grabber and not being able to download. Does anyone know what the host file entry should be for IHG and ? Or have a host file that works for

Thanks so much.

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