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Meet Emma, a girl who confesses that her innocent college girl looks hide a true freak in the sheets. From the minute she gets naked for me anything goes from fucking a HUGE black dildo, to taking my cock in her ass, to taking a huge creampie. Unlike the last few girls, Emma isn't an attention whore who talks a big game and then can't deliver, she's a legitimate sex fiend. This is just the kind of girl we had in mind when we started exploiting college girls. Right off, you'll notice that Emma looks like your average 20 something blonde babe, but listen to our interview and you'll get a whole other impression. For example, when I ask her what her nastiest sexual experience is she thinks for a second and then smiles her big, crooked smile and says, "Oh, it must have been that orgy with 4 guys, three of them were black. There was stuff everywhere!" Well ... damn Emma that is actually quite nasty (and ... "stuff" meaning what ... dicks? jizz? bottles of Courvoisier?). She goes on to explain that she got started early by giving hand jobs in the halls at school and wearing short skirts to tease her classmates, so she's not a shy one. After getting some enthusiastic deep throat head in the parking lot, I'm really anxious to get her into the hotel. When she strips and shows off her amazing California girl tan (note her lack of tan lines) and textbook perfect B cup tits, I'm all about cutting the interview short and getting at that pussy. I think I've already gotten all the gems I can from her: she masturbates with household objects, she loves anal sex, she's pretty much a dirty slut. Yeah, we're good. My plan for Emma is to get her excited and turned on so I can bring out as much her inner freak as possible. I start off making her cum a few times with a vibrator. Watch how fast she gets into it and goes from chatting to wiggling on the bed with pleasure. She takes everything like a champ and really loses herself in the action (check out her crazy "O" face when an orgasm sneaks up on her). Recalling her story about giant black dicks I dig deep in the ECG toybox and unleash Blackzilla - a footlong, wrist thick, black dildo. It takes about a quart of lube, but she ends up loving the way it fills her pussy. She's definitely turned on by now and I'm comfortable enough to really get rough with her and she responds. When I start slapping her and choking her I can feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Seeing that it's turning her on, I pull her arms back and pound her and then flip her and pound her with my hand around her neck. She doesn't hesitate and completely loses herself in it. In the interview Emma said she loves anal, and y'all KNOW I love anal, so there's no reason I shouldn't be in that ass, is there? Sure enough, she's true to her word. I bed her over and lube up, she grits her teeth, takes a deep breath and lets me work my dick into her ass. I'm bigger than any other guy she's ever had back there so it takes some effort, but it's worth it to get a chance to pound that ass. She really plays along, even though she's super tight she takes as much as she can. I think she's a little too sensitive for me to finish in her ass, so I push her down flat and pound her into the bed until I blow a huge load in her pussy giving her a rare ECG creampie. Finally, a girl who talked a big game actually delivers! After all of the girls who've bragged about their bedroom skills and then left me hanging, Emma is a breath of fresh air: a girl who actually knows what turns her on and what she's into. She just might be worth having back for a more adventurous shoot.

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